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The Ultimate Guide to Motherhood and Mom Entrepreneur!

The Ultimate Guide To Motherhood and Mom Entrepreneur was birthed to help all the new moms and possibly older moms to help them transition themselves between the two.  In this e-guide, you will find steps on what you should do when you find out that you are pregnant,  how to juggle all of that which comes with motherhood to becoming a mom entrepreneur.

Benefits of purchasing this book
  • Tips on how to deliver a healthy baby
  • Give you tips on  how to baby proof your home
  • Give you step by step instructions on how to become a mom entrepreneur
  • Saves you money and time

So, for all of you who have questions about starting a business to stay home with your children, this books give you tips and simple instructions on how to get started.  But, I don't stop there, I also give you real life examples on how I juggle motherhood and mom entrepreneurship.  This is a book that you will definitely want to add to your collection. Are you ready to become a mom entrepreneur?

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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