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2011 Featured Women in Business--Kelly Green

Full Name: Kelly Green

Name of your Company: Insider Branding Secrets

Position: Owner, Personal Branding Strategist

Website Address:  http://InsiderBrandingSecrets.com

Year Founded: 2009

Tell us about yourself and your business: I am a Personal Branding coach for small business owners and new entrepreneurs. I spent 15 years as an integrated and brand marketing executive in the music business. During that time I developed marketing and promotional campaigns for recording artists to get them national exposure and maximum CD sales. Now I’m bringing some of those same techniques, strategies and resources full circle to my company in order to empower my clients.

What inspired you to start a business?  After I was laid off, I knew that I still wanted to do marketing because I liked seeing the creative process unfold. But I also wanted to have more flexibility, freedom and less stress. I decided to get certified as a Wellness Coach and began to work with people to make better lifestyle choices. As I got more into my business, I realized that I was not only helping people to reframe their thinking around their health issues, I was helping them to redefine their Personal Brand. My clients had lost sight of who they were before the illness and I was coaching them past those obstacles. I then married those years of marketing and branding skills with my coaching training and started Insider Branding Secrets to help other new entrepreneurs define & develop their Personal Brand.

Share one business goal: My goal for this year is to do more speaking engagements. I like speaking to groups of people and actually seeing the moment the light bulb comes on for them. There’s also a certain energy that only happens when people are face-to-face and realize that they are not alone on this entrepreneurial journey.

What would you say contributes to your success? I would say that being visible on as many different platforms as possible has been a big factor in growing my business. I attend live networking functions, connect with people through social media, write articles, blog and I’ve joined business groups to further my personal and professional development. A lot of the things I learn about my business and goals, I am able to pass on to my clients.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur? There are two things I always say to new entrepreneurs. 1) Determine very early in your business who your target audience is. Once you know who you’re talking to, all of your other marketing efforts will fall into place. Knowing who you’re speaking to will save you a lot of time, money & frustration. And #2) Do not wait until everything is “perfect” before you begin your business. Start where you are with what you have. You can tweak the process as you go along.

Anything else you want to mention about your business? I am preparing for my 6-week tele-class series “Insider Branding Secrets to Becoming the Expert” which starts March 29th. Your readers can go to my website, join the mailing list and get all of the details. They will also get a free download of my 10-Step Personal Branding Starter Kit when they join. Thanks so much LaTersa for giving me this opportunity!

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