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Gift Baskets Now Available (Baby Shower Gifts and More)

Hello everyone,

I'm back to share with you my new line of gift baskets and baby shower diaper cakes.  I wanted you to be the first ones to see my newly added items.  Check out website for more details.

 This is a Love/Romance Gift Basket: $65.00
1) 1 bottle of non-alcoholic beverage
2) lots of white and gold flowers
3) 2 glass Wine glasses
4) 1 vanilla candle

Blue Baby Boy Hippo Gift Basket: $29.99
This basket includes: 1 ty blue hippo
2) Wet wipes
3) 1 medicine nasal set
4) 1 bath time winnie the pooh book
5) 2 blue baby washcloth
6) 1 blue and green receiving blanket

Pamper Me Spa Relaxation Gift Basket for Her: $48.00

1) 1 rose
2) 2 pink and white flowers
3) 1 vanilla candle
4) 1 Meditation Book for Mothers
5) 1 Mary kay Hand Lotion
6) 1 Mary Kay Hand Scrub
7) 1 Mary Kay emollient night cream

I hope you will consider shopping with me for all of your holiday gifts.  Stay Tuned because I have something for the Men as well.  
Thanks for stopping by and God Bless,

Diaper Cakes by LaTersa

How are you feeling tonight! I have this terrible cold. I caught it from my babies.  They gave me kisses and hugs until they passed their little germs to mommy.  I just really wanted to stop by and say hello.  I'm currently working on some new items for the holiday season. Here's is the Happy Halloween 3 Tier Diaper Cake that I just finished.

I am currently working on my cakes that I'm going to have in the christmas craft show.  Wish me well because I'm so excited, I just have so many ideas running through my head!

Pittsburgh Steeler Three Tier Diaper Cake



I have for you today, a Three Tier Pittsburgh Steelers Diaper Cake. The ingredients include:
  • 55 Luvs size 1 diapers
  • 1 Steelers Baby Bib
  • 1 Steelers Baby Bottle
  • Yellow Paper Shred
  • Black, Yellow, polka dot silk ribbon
  • Football gross grain ribbon
  • 10 inch cardboard cake pan

Take a look at this gorgeous diaper cake and let me know what you think.....

3 Tier Pittsburgh Steelers Diaper Cake

Don't forget to get some baby shower favors to go along with your diaper cake.. I have for you a beautiful steelers baby washcloth doll and lollipop:

Pittsburgh Steelers Baby Washcloth Dolls

Pittsburgh Steelers Baby Washcloth Lollipops

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by,

Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond By LaTersa

Hello You All,

I wanted to take the time out to wish all of you a blessed and joyous Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have made some changes to my website and I ask so kindly that you will check it out.  I want to know how you feel about my the changes I've made and do you like them.  I look forward to hearing from you and God Bless.

New Edition To My Family!

Hello everyone,

I have some great news! My oldest brother Laverne Tyler just got married to his long time girlfriend Tarsha Williams.  I am so excited and over joyed about the new edition to our family.  I wish them all the love and success and many many blessing to come.  So, as for you, my fans, I want you to send a warm congrats to the newly weds. Stay tuned for more exciting news and gifts.

May God Bless and Thanks for stopping by,