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5 great summer vacations for you and your family

It is summer time and the sun is shining and the kids are almost out of school.  So, I know you are wondering what can we do with the kids this summer to keep them entertained during their summer break.  A lot of families like to travel during the summer breaks to see other relatives or take various fun trips to the museum.  I want to share with you five great summer vacation ideas for you and your family.

One: Take the kids to see or visit their grandparents.  This can give you and your spouse some time alone away from the kids.  Also, this will give the kids some time to get spoiled by their grandparents.  In my case, my parents are so far away and they both still work, so this wouldn't be ideal for our babies.  But, I am making plans for my parents to come visit us for a week full of fun with their grandkids.  This will also give us some time to just be together as a couple without our little ones.

Two: Take a trip to Disney World. Now, this is a trip that I have been dying to go since I was a child.  The entire family will definitely enjoy this trip.  I would say pack your bags, pack sack lunches and head to your nearest airport, or your car if you are driving.  With a trip like this, it is best to get your tickets in advance and book your hotel rooms in advance as well for the great discounts.

Three: Travel to your local zoo.  This would be something very interesting and fun for the little ones.  Not, only will they have fun, but it will be educational as well.  There are always some great deals in your local newspaper or community about admission. We plan to take our children to the local zoo sometime during this summer.

Four: Take them to a local carnival. Check your local papers or news station for events that are happening in your community.  Depending on your particular states, and which holiday is coming up, you should be able to find out what's going on in your community.  As a kid, that was something I looked forward to doing every year.  We enjoyed the various rides and all types of foods.

Five:  Visit a local amusement park and have a family picnic.  This will be something that each of you can participate in.  You can pack lunches and drinks.  Also, you can enjoy watching your kids have the time of their life.

I really hope this can give you a few ideas as to what you and your family can do this summer to have a great time.  I also look forward to hearing from you about your plans of what you plan to do with your family this summer.  For more great tips, feel free to subscribe to my blog!

Happy Summer,
LaTersa Blakely

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2011 Featured Women in Business-- Dani Nir-McGrath

Full Name: Dani Nir-McGrath

Name of your Company: ViSalus and Dani Nir-McGrath, LLC

Position: Network Marketer and Home Business Consultant

Facebook Page: www.fb.com/homebiztips

Year Founded: 2008

Tell us about yourself and your business: I’m a single mom of two toddlers, ages 1 and 3.  I’m a psychotherapist by trade and have always loved building relationships with people, a networker at heart.  Being a mother comes first and an entrepreneur second, and I love the title “mompreneur!” I happen to be a real Facebook junkie as well. J
As a network marketer, I’m promoting the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.  Helping folks reach their health goals, lose weight, and get fit.  It’s really great watching people transform their lives!  (And I began with my own and am down 10 pounds so far!)
I also am a home business consultant, and have been helping new home business owners learn about this industry and get a quick start in their business.  I am currently focusing on providing trainings, seminars, and webinars to teams and groups on using social media, goal setting, mindset, leadership, and more.

What inspired you to start a business? I spent over ten years working my way up in the non-profit world.  I began as a psychotherapist helping children and families, then started managing programs, developing programs, and then training and implementing legislation for the same population.  With a baby on the way, I realized that I wanted to work from home.  I had no idea where to start!  Being new to network marketing and to the home business world, I saw my experience and training transferring over to a new industry despite being so inexperienced.  As my business grew, I determined that I wanted to not only run a home business and mentor those on my team, but to become a consultant and help other home business owners as well.  Building relationships, training and helping others are huge passions of mine!  I've been home with my two toddlers every day and have the joy of watching them grow and the flexibility and time freedom to enjoy it.

Share one business goal: To personally help more moms stay home with their children and earn a significant income.  So many families are really hurting right now in this economy and I’d love to introduce them to the world of home business and show them how this industry can help everyday people, like me, with little or no experience become successful network marketers.  

What would you say contributes to your success? There are definitely many ingredients!  Being a heart driven leader is first and foremost.  It’s allowed me to effectively lead my team.  Having the right mindset and attitude are key are well.  Treating my business at home as I would a business outside of the home has been critical too.  Meaning, sticking to appointments, timelines, and To Do lists, rather than allowing distractions to come up throughout the day! 

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?  You may change paths or seek guidance along the way, but never, ever give up on yourself!  You can be successful and achieve any goal you commit to and take action on.  Remember, success has more to do with attitude then aptitude!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

Symptoms of being Pregnant

You are probably like a million other women out there who have tons of questions about pregnancy.  If I missed my periods, does that mean that I'm pregnant.  Well, I wanted to share with you a few symptoms of ways that you can know if you are pregnant.

  • Missed periods
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Unusual or Abnormal Periods
  • Soreness of the breast
  • Enlargement of the breast
  • Fatique
  • Strange cravings
  • Stretch marks
  • Frequent urination
I would recommend you call your OBG-YN as soon as possible to confirm if you are pregnant so that you can proceed with getting the right checkups and prenatal care for you and your new bundle of joy!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

Great Exposure for you and your business!

Hello to all,

I wanted to share with you a chance for you to join forces with the Kari Day and Stephanie Page over at Allied Women in Business and be a featured Expert for their upcoming Expert's Week. This is a great way to share your expertise with thousands of women and generate exposure for you and your business!

Here's What Allied Women offers YOU:
  •  A featured Article on Allied Women  
  • A large front page slider ad
  • One whole day of promoting your article by many women on various blogs, and social media sites
  • An opportunity to be a special guest on our Experts Week Conference call 
  • A recording of that call for you to use as promotional material
These ladies are amazing and I'm a great supporter of the group! If you are interested, simply visit the website and submit your request. Be sure to let them know LaTersa at Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond sent you!

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LaTersa Blakely

Cute Facts about May Babies

Well, Spring time is definitely in the air. We are finally in the month of May where April has brought about all of these beautiful flowers. If you are having a baby in May, there are some pretty cool and fun facts about babies born in May. First, this will be a great time to baby, its not too hot nor is it too cold. Babies that are born in the month of May have:

Birthstone of Emerald

Birth Flower is Lilly of the valley

A study done by the nurses practitioners stated that May babies are more heavier than the January babies. these babies are normally an extra 200 grams larger than normal babies. Read other cute facts about babies (Read more)

Congrats to all the new moms!

LaTersa Blakely

Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond by LaTersa

Looks who's featured in the small entrepreneur blog! Read entire article below. Click on the link!

Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond by LaTersa

Baby Washcloth Snack Cups

It's snack time!  These little snack cup consist of 2 baby washcloths, 1 pacifier, and 1 snack cup.  These will make the perfect favors at the baby shower, or it can simply be a welcome gift for the new mom-to-be.

Price: $4.50
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New Large Washcloth Lollipop Bouquets

This is our newest addition to our store. A large washcloth lollipop bouquet. So instead of giving the new moms some flower or roses that will eventually die, why not give her something that she can use or keep for a life time.

This lollipop bouquet will make great centerpieces for your tables at the baby shower. It consist of 3 high quality washcloths, lots of curly ribbon, and pom poms, 3 spoon, 1 9oz bottle and lollipop bags. Item will be wrapped in elegant tulle.

Price: $7.50
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Baby Care Part 4: Feeding baby with bottle

This is the second option you can choose to feed your baby.  Not every mom will choose to breast feed, so she will opt to feed baby with a bottle.  Below is a great article I found on feeding an infant with a bottle.

Step #1
Get prepared. Have the bottle of breast milk or formula at the exact temperature your baby prefers.  Most of the time, room temperature will work perfectly. Please do not microwave bottles, as this will cause hot spots that can burn your baby.

Step # 2
Get a correct grip. Hold the baby on your lap with baby's head in the middle part of your arm.  Be sure to secure baby's head from falling back. Be sure to switch sides, as you would with breastfeeding to provide them with adequate stimulation of both sides of the brain.  For more tips, you can read the entire article--Click here.

Have fun getting to bond with your baby,

LaTersa Blakely

Baby Care Part 3: How to feed a baby

Feeding baby!

Now this one is one of those things where you have to pay close attention to your baby. There are two types of ways to feed a baby, either by breast or by bottle. So, I will just dive right in and let you know how to go about feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding your baby. This one is not for everybody and don't feel bad if you decide that this is not for you. But, I will tell you this, "it will save you a lot of money". On the other side, the cons are you will not be able to let others help you because you're breastfeeding.

Step #1
Choose a position. You have several options as to how you want to nurse your baby. You can choose to sit down or lay down. I would recommend choosing a position that gives you the most comfortable feeling and one that is giving your baby the best supply of milk. Now, you can choose to lay in bed and hold your baby in the football cradle position or you can simply just lay your baby down next you or hold them in your arms. Now, this may vary with each child.
This allows you to hold the baby with one hand and use the other to support or move your breast. I know when I nursed my daughter, I was most comfortable with the cradle position and she seemed to enjoyed that position as well.

Step #2
Get extra support.  It don't matter which position you choose, in most cases, you will need an extra lift.  You can grab an extra pillow and place under your arm while holding the baby.  If you need help with getting set up, just ask for it.  The worst thing you can do is know that you don't quite understand it, but refuse to get help.

Step# 3
Baby placement.  This is one of the most important steps to breastfeeding. You want to make sure that the baby latches on correctly.  All this comes in to play with finding a great position for the baby.  Your baby should be belly to belly with his chin to your breast.  If for some reason your baby is moving his head, you want to position baby's head back to right position. This can make it very difficult for baby to get a good amount of milk flow.  Also, too much of the baby pulling and twisting can make your breast very tender and sore.

Latching.  This one is very important as well.  You want to help make sure your baby is getting a great supply of milk by squeezing your breast with one hand. This will allow you to kind of help baby get more milk. You will want to make sure baby's entire mouth covers the areola tissue also known as the darker portion of the breast.

Now, you have just nursed your baby. Have fun bonding with your new bundle of joy!

Warm Wishes,
LaTersa Blakely

Free Giveaway Going On!

Hello to all my beautiful mommies!

I want to have a little fun and offer you a chance to win 2 of my towel cake favors.  These will make great gifts for Mother's Day or for any occasion.  I'm doing a lot of spring cleaning and I need your help, Yes you, to pick the right colors for my new website.  I love the colors that I have now, but I want to make it more appealing and relaxed for all of the new moms, mom-to-be, or grandparents who are in need of some unique and awesome baby shower and wedding gifts.  So, hop on over to my website and let those creative juices flow.

What you will win: 

Rules of the game:

1) Visit my website, and come back here and leave me a comment about which colors you think my website should be.

2) Follow me on twitter

3) Become a fan on Facebook

4) Tell me what is your favorite item on my website.

The winner will be announced on Friday, May 6, 2011. Contest ends Thursday, May 5, 2011 at midnight.

I look forward to hearing all of your wonderful suggestions.

LaTersa Blakely

Kid's Towel Cakes

Great Gifts for kids

Introducing Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond's original kid's towel cakes.  These towel cakes can be given as gift for your child's birthday, a bath time gift, Get well gift, or just simply thinking of you gifts.  The towel cakes come fully loaded with everything your kids would love:

It consist of 1 coloring book, 1 large bottle of body wash, 1 bath loofah, 1 kid's tooth brush, 1 small tube of kid's tooth paste, 1 box of crayons, 1 large bath towel, and 1 travel size first aid kit.  You can choose from a variety of kid's body wash of their favorite cartoon character.

  • Spongebob
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Thomas and Friends
  • Scooby Doo
  • Princess
  • Race Cars
Price: $34.99
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