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Baby Care Part 2: How to bathe a baby

Hello mommies, this is part 2 of my baby care series.  I know you are probably saying I already know how to bathe a baby because i'm already a mom and I have grand kids as well.   Well, for those of you who already know how to do this, I'm just re-iterating this and I'm helping all the new moms out there and soon-to-be mommies.  On my previous post, part 1, I talked about how to change a baby's diapers, so if you missed it, you can click here.  

Step #1
Gather up all of the bath necessities. Items ranging from: baby body wash, brush, shampoo, towel, baby bath tub or whatever you will be using to bathe him/her. 

Step #2
Fill the tub with 2-3 inches of warm water (not hot water) at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step #3
Remove all of the baby's cloth and bring them to the tub.

Step #4
Slowly place your baby into the baby tub. Please use one hand to support their little neck and head. Remember to pour small amounts of water onto baby's body to keep them from getting cold.

Step #5
This is the fun part, you get to splash baby with water, washing their little body. Washing their little toes, fingers, back, neck, head and hair, and do this about a couple of times. Use a moistened cotton ball or wipe to clean his eyes and face. As goes for your baby's genitals, a routine washing is a great idea. If for some reason, there is dried mucus has gotten on the corners of your baby's nostrils or eyes, just use a small section of a moistened wipe to clean them.

Step #6
Rinse your baby thoroughly with a clean washcloth.

Step #7
Wrap your baby in a hooded towel or regular towel and pat him dry.  If their skin is a little dry, you might want to rub a mild lotion on them.

I hope this clears up some of your question that was puzzling you!

Best wishes to you and your new bundle of joy,
LaTersa Blakely

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Baby Care Part 1: How to change your baby's diapers

Changing diapers will become one tops things you will be doing during the first year of your baby's life.  Now, there is nothing too out of the ordinary about changing diapers.  It's pretty much still the same steps whether you're using disposable or cloth diapers.  I will share with you some key steps in order for you to properly change your new little bundle of joy!

Step #1
Lay your baby on a changing station, bed, or where ever you choose to change them.  

Step #2
Place a dry towel under the baby's bottom. take the dirty diaper off.

Step #3
Set the soiled diapers aside in a plastic bag.

Step #4
Place fresh diaper under baby bottom and hold baby's leg together

Step #5
Clean baby bottom with a baby wipe. Wipe baby bottom and genital areas from front to back. Now keep in mind that a baby girl might get stool in and around her vagina, so be sure to clean that area with wipes as well.

Step #6
Lower your baby bottom onto the dry towel, and pat the area dry. Afterwards, put some baby powder on the genital areas to help baby stay fresh.

Step #7
Fasten baby diapers (for cloth diapers, put a pin on each side to hold the diapers in place)

Remember to use this time to bond with your little one.

Best wishes,
LaTersa Blakely

2011 Featured Women in Business--Melinda Bodden

Full Name: Melinda Bodden
Name of your Company: My Jewelry Shoppe
Position: Owner
Year Founded: 2010
Tell us about yourself and your business:
I make and sell one of a kind (OOAK) Handcrafted Jewelry.
I live in Arverne, New York.
I’m a single mom of one son in College.
I've recently turned my hobby for collecting Beads into a business.
What inspired you to start a business?
·         My love of collecting beautiful Beads.
Share one business goal:
To share my One of a Kind Bracelet’s with as many Jewelry lover’s as I can.
What would you say contributes to your success?
People can see that my design’s are Original and that I march to the beat of my own drum.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?
Be true to yourself and do your own thing.
Anything else you want to mention about your business?
My website address is:

How to make a washcloth lollipop

How To Make a Washcloth Lollipop

Nowadays, everybody is trying to be unique and different when it comes to buying a great baby shower gift.  For a lot of people, the typical baby shower gifts are diapers, clothes, or gift certificates.  Well, I am here to help you stand out in the crowd with a one of a kind, heartfelt baby shower favors ever!  I want to teach you step by step on how to make my best seller, washcloth lollipops.  This e-guide will guide you step by step on how to make the lovely beauties that you see on the cover of my e-book.

Melissa stated: "I must say that I loved it! The instructions are incredibly easy to understand and what's even better is that there are pictures to go along with each step that make it even easier to follow! Thanks so much again!"

Tracia Price stated: "How to make washcloth lollipops e-books is great! I am looking to use this for my baby baskets. :) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your e-book. :)

Benefits of purchasing this book:
  • Save you money
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Be the talk at your next baby shower

So, if you are ready to learn how to make baby shower washcloth lollipops, Get Yours Today!

I look forward to hearing from you on how your lollipops turned out! Remember, to keep trying if you don't get them quite right the first time around....

Best wishes,
LaTersa Blakely

Tips to help older children prepare for the new baby's arrival

I must say that as time drew nearer for the birth of my second child, I was really trying to prepare my son for the arrival of his new little sister.  The day that my daughter was born, my son kept saying mommy I want to hold her; can I sleep in the bed with you too mommy.  I want to share with you a few tips that will help the older sibling prepare him/herself so that it won't be too hard once they see the new baby.

Allow the older siblings to help you with the baby.  What I mean by this is, when you get ready to change the baby, let the other child bring the diapers, baby powder, or whatever it is that you need.  I know personally for me, I allowed my son to bring me sarah's clean clothes, her bottle, and diapers.  As time went by, he started to feel like a big boy and being around the new baby didn't get to him as much.  Now, I must say that that still didn't stop him from getting jealous.

Make time just for the older sibling.  During the first couple of months, there will be a lot of attention paid to the newborn, so you have to be creative with this one.  With my two little ones, when Sarah would go down for her nap, I would watch a movie with Ishmael, or play his favorite game with him.  Sometimes, that didn't work, because how about little missy, didn't want to stop eating (I was still nursing her), so I would play with ishmael in between playing little games with Sarah while she ate.

Let the older sibling know that he/she is loved.  This may seem like a given, but little children still tend to get jealous of the new baby.  Even before the baby is born, keep remind them of how much mommy and daddy love them and that the new baby is not going to take their place.  I know with mines, I consistently allowed ishmael to feel my stomach when Sarah would be kicking, and I would tell him that "she was kicking trying to come out so she could play with him".  "Another thing I used to tell him is that he's going to be a BIG brother and little sisters love their big brother because he has to be the one to protect her.  

I really hope this get you on the right path as to preparing your older siblings for the new baby!

Best wishes,
LaTersa Blakely

New mini diaper cakes!

New mini diaper cakes.

These are my latest invention.  These little adorable mini diaper cakes with stuffed animals will make the perfect, in-expensive baby shower gift or welcome gift for the new parents.  It is fully loaded and they come in boy or girl colors.


  • 15-20 Pamper Swaddlers size 1 diapers
  • Cute gross grain ribbon
  • 2 washcloth spoon lollipops
  • 1 stuffed animal
  • 6 inch or 10 inch cardboard cake pan
Price: $24.99

2011 Successful women in business--Dionne Wright

Full Name: Dionne Wright-Jones

Name of your Company: JH Custom Designs

Position: Owner

Website Address: http://jhgiftbaskets.com

Year Founded: 2006

Tell us about yourself and your business: I am a wife and WAHM of two.  My business, JH Custom Designs, is a gift basket business specializing in custom theme gift baskets. We provide gift baskets and gifts for individuals and corporate clients primarily through our online store. We offer hand delivery locally in Baltimore, Maryland and ship anywhere within the United States.

What inspired you to start a business?  I’ve always wanted to run my own business. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. At that time I was told I might not have children after the chemotherapy treatment. I made a promise to myself and to God that if I was given the chance to have children I would do everything I could and work as hard as I could to be the best Mom I could be. When that time came I decided I wanted to stay at home and raise my children myself. I felt like there had to be something I could do from home that would allow me to stay at home and be a Mom while also contributing to the family’s income. I never returned to work after my maternity leave. I had a degree in a health related field, so I trained and started working as a Medical Transcriptionist when my son was 6 months old. After a couple of years, I realized that transcription was not for me. My husband, and biggest supporter, pushed me to start the gift basket business because he knew I had creative talents. I had always enjoyed party planning and decorating as well as making gift baskets and bridal shower towel cakes. 

Share one business goal: I would like to eventually expand our store from online to a brick and mortar retail location.

What would you say contributes to your success?  The help and support of my family has been the biggest contributor to my success. I couldn’t do what I do without my family backing me.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur? Don’t ever give up! Always surround yourself with positive people. When others help you along the way, pay it forward.

Anything else you want to mention about your business? I finally found a job that I love. It’s hard being the boss, but when you love what you do it’s a lot easier. I get to help put smiles on people’s face every day.

LaTersa Blakely   

Why Join This Great Network!--Black Business Women Online

Hello everyone,

I have some awesome news to share with you today!  You're probably wondering what is it. Tell me Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, o.k. if you must insist.  I want to take a few moments of your time to introduce to you a phenomenal networking group.  I'm so excited to tell you about a group that I have joined and what a great investment I made.  Now, are you new to business?  Are you a mom entrepreneur, or maybe you are a stay at home mom? Which ever category you fall into, this group is for you.  I have only been in this group for a couple of months and Boy, let me tell you I have learned so much.  I wanted to share with you some top reasons why I love it:

1) Very easy to follow e-courses
2) A lot of low cost to no money marketing tips
3) Lashanda Henry knows her stuff
4) Very helpful (a group of ladies who are always willing to help)
5) I have implemented some of the strategies and have already started to see results
6) Videos are very down to earth and easy to follow
7) There are tons of technology tools that I can use without spending a fortune
8) I like it that's she's a WAHM mom as well.  So she understand some of the struggles that I endure sometimes.
9) She pushes and motivates me to be the best that i can be

So, don't miss out on all the great knowledge that you can learn and start implementing into your business and your personal life as well.  If you are ready to move to the next level, Join Today!

I hope to see you there,
LaTersa Blakely

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How to make a diaper cake Easy Steps!

Determine what size you want your diaper cake to be and cut a circular base out of sturdy cardboard. Or you can use a corrugated card board cake pan that you purchase from your local Wal-mart, or JoAnns stores.

1) To design the top of the diaper cake, roll up a diaper, starting at the 'open' top end. Tie a small piece of ribbon around the rolled diaper to stop it from unrolling. This will form the center of the layer.

2) Place a baby bottle in the middle of the cardboard base, glass cake platter, or pizza pan.

3) To make the bottom tier, place a baby bottle or bottle of baby lotion in the middle of the cake platter and add about 7 diapers around the bottle and secure with one big rubber band to hold it in place. Form a 2nd ring of rolled up diapers with the remaining 11-12 diapers by placing them around the 1st ring of diapers. Complete it by placing a large rubber band around the entire layer. For the final ring of the first tier of diapers, tightly roll up 18 to 20 diapers but secure each one with ribbon instead of runner bands. Then place them around the second ring to form a third ring. Take a large, 1/2 to 1 inch wide ribbon and tie it around the entire tier to hold them all together in a circle shape.

4) To create the second tier, repeat the first step. Place the rolled up diapers around the bottle of the first tier. Secure the bottles with ribbons as before. Remove a few diapers and add some surprise gifts in their place, such as a rolled up onesie, receiving blanket, or baby bottle, or bath toys.

5) To form the top tier of the diaper cake, use a baby bottle, a rolled up baby blanket, or rolled up diaper. Wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper or blanket to keep it from unrolling. Cover the rubber band with a ribbon.

6) Add little baby items like Pacifiers, bottles, lotion, bibs, receiving blankets, miniature stuffed animals, baby towel, onesie, wash cloths, baby hygiene products, toys, etc. Place them between the folds of the diaper, tuck the larger items into the outer layer of ribbon.
Secure them together by carefully inserting 1 or 2 wooden dowels through the base layer and then carefully stacking the other two layers on top of it, being careful to get the dowels between the diapers and not through any of the diapers.

7) To finish off you can wrap the diaper cake in cellophane or tulle. Tie at the top with a bow, or add a stuffed animal to the tie for a "topper" to the cake.

I really hope this helps you design your best diaper cake ever!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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Should I be alarmed about mood swings during pregnancy

Mood swings are a normal part of pregnancy.  A lot of women experience mood swings at some point during their pregnancy.  Sometimes, you will be heavenly in love with the ideal of having your little bundle of joy, but as fast as you can blink your eyes, your mood swing can change. Just a few tips to help you get through your body and its changes. Pregnancy within itself can be stressful enough whether the baby is planned or if it was a surprise.  It seems that getting close to the due date, your body can have about 10 to 20 extra pounds that can be a lot to swallow.  This amount of weight can make it hard for you to get a good night's rest.  You are probably wondering how can I find a comfortable position to sleep.

Take a deep breath and relax. I have to admit that my mood swings went up and down especially when it got closer to my delivery date.  I would be so frustrated because I could hardly get around without feeling tired.

If you are finding yourself getting depressed a lot, you should consult with your doctor or OBG-YN.

Remember the little bundle of joy that is inside of you, and think about how hard it might be for them to move around once they reach their big day.

Best wishes to you,
LaTersa Blakely

Out With the Old, In With The New!

Hello everyone, I do believe that Spring is finally in the air!  For those of you who don't know me, my name is LaTersa Blakely and I'm a WAHM (Work at home mom), where I design beautiful baby shower diaper cakes, baby shower favors, towel cakes and gift baskets.  I so love being at home with my children!!!!!!!!!!  I get a chance to be involved with my son's school activities, and take cool fun field trips with my children.  That is one of the joys of being home with my babies.

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Diaper Cakes and Beyond's Coupon Code for any Diaper Cake

There’s only a few days remaining this month, so in honor of Good Friday and Easter, you can take advantage of my coupon code good for 20% off any diaper cake.  It’s easy to use our coupon.  Just select the diaper cake of your choosing on our site and then during check-out add this coupon code:  Easter
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2011 Successful women in business--Tamyka Washington

Full Name: Tamyka Washington

Name of your Company: TheCEOMamma

Position: Founder/CEO

Website Address: http://www.theceomamma.com

Year Founded: 2009

Tell us about yourself and your business: I’m a mom of six and have been working from home since 2002 when I started my first home based network marketing business. I’m also the founder/owner of TheCEOMamma Network Community, an online social network for women entrepreneurs and recently featured on Black Enterprise.

I have a great passion for social media and helping other women fulfill their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. I created TheCEOMamma Business Marketing Blog because I love teaching women how to build a profitable business online by utilizing social media and network marketing through my coaching and consulting services.

What inspired you to start a business? I was inspired to start my business so I would be able to share my knowledge and experience in social media and network marketing with other women who were in my situation, just starting a business or wanting to start a business but have limited resources. I wanted to be able to teach women how they too can build a strong, viable business even on a limited budget and make it a success!

Share one business goal: One goal I have is to help as many women as possible start a home based business and learn how to become financially independent.

What would you say contributes to your success? I would say what contributes to my success is my drive to achieve my goals and consistently working my business, building relationships along with connecting and partnering with other amazing women who share the same passion of entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur? No matter what, live YOUR dreams. Never allow anyone or anything to steer you away from achieving your hearts desire. Connect with people who will support you and encourage you along your journey and associate with those who are already where you want to be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and reach out to others who can help you. Surround yourself with positive influences and remove all negativity out of your life. Love what you do and be committed to your purpose!

Anything else you want to mention about your business? TheCEOMamma is for women in business and those who aspire to be. We offer business building resources, consulting, mentoring and an empowered networking community of women who are committed to achieving financial independence while inspiring other women to success. We invite you to join us: http://theceomammanetwork.com

Top Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

I wanted to share with all you expecting moms of some healthy foods you should add to your diet. According to Allison Tannis, the co-author of The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy, the following are some of the best foods out there.

1. Almonds are filled with with calcium, protein, fiber and magnesium and a handful can stave off midday hunger.
2. Apricots are a good source of iron and fiber in your morning oatmeal, in granola or eaten by the handful.
3. Brewer's Yeast, sprinkled on popcorn, is full of B vitamins for energy.
4. Ginger is a great anti-nausea food you can sip in teas or add to stir fries. For a treat, try nibbling on small amounts of candied ginger.
5. Kiwi is high in vitamin C and is delicious when added to a fruit salad or sliced and eaten along with any meal.
6. Popcorn helps fight nausea. Making your own popcorn, as opposed to microwave packages, lets you control the amount of butter and salt.
7. Salmon is a terrific source of omega 3s, is low in calories and is a source of protein that is critical to the baby's development.
8. Spinach and other dark leafy greens are packed with nutrients and a good source of fiber.
9. Water and ice are crucial to staying hydrated during pregnancy. There's no need to drink extra calories in sports drinks and calorie-loaded treats from your coffee place. Water quenches thirst and can fill you up before a meal.
10. Wheat germ is a source of fiber, minerals and energizing B vitamins. Sprinkle it on yogurt or cereal, bake it into muffins or use it in place of breadcrumbs when coating fish or making meatballs.

Best wishes,
laTersa Blakely

Foods to avoid when pregnant!

Calling all my expectant mothers!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to share with you some foods that you should avoid when you are pregnant.  I know you are probably saying, here we go again.  I shouldn't do this or I shouldn't eat this or that.  I want to save you a few headaches that I had during my pregnancy.  I was a little hard headed at the beginning.  I still wanted to try to slip in a soda every now and again.  "Bad mistake".  My baby had me up all night long.  It felt as if I had given him a one way past to my bladder and my chest.  I had heartburn on top of heartburn. He was so active, that he literally thought he was the next Michael Jordan.  He's was playing alley hoop on my bladder.  But, enough of my stories, here are a list of foods you should avoid:

1) Deli meats
2) Fish with mercury
3) Smoked seafoods
4) Raw eggs
5) Raw shellfish
6) Unpasterized milk
7) Soft cheeses

For a completed list of more foods to avoid, click here!

Best wishes on your bundle of joy!
LaTersa Blakely

Diaper Cakes and Beyond by LaTersa's Limited Edition Diaper Cakes

I am pleased to announce my spring limited edition diaper cakes.  I love hearing your feedbacks and suggestions.  I want to hear from you.

1) Lil Miss Oopsie Diasy

This Oopsie Daisy Baby Diaper Cake will definitely put a smile on the new mom's face.  It consist of 1 large smiling flower, 70 Pamper Swaddler's size 1 diapers, cute ribbon, 1 butter fly bib, 1 pair of carter newborn shoes, 1 flower head band, and cute paper shred.  Cake sits on a 12 inch cake pan. 

2) Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake

Disney Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Diaper Cakes is a limited time offer only.  This is a 4 tier diaper cake that consist of 70 Pamper Swaddlers size 1 diapers, 1 winnie the pooh comb and brush set, 1 winnie the pooh rattler, 1 winnie the pooh hand muppet, lots of cute red and brown ribbon, 1 winnie the pooh stuffed animal, and johnson and johnson baby lotion and body wash.  This cake sits on a 12 inch cake pan.  The winnie the pooh cake will surely be the talk of the town!

3) Pink Girl Diaper Cake

This is a beautiful girl 4 tier baby shower diaper cake. It consist of 70 plus Pamper Swaddlers size 1 diapers, 1 pink brush set, lots of adorable pink and lavender polka dot ribbon, 2 pacifiers, 2 pink baby washcloths, 1 johnson and johnson baby travel kit.  This will be perfect for that little princess whose on the way.

4) Ducky Diaper Cake

This ducky baby shower diaper cake comes fully loaded. It consist of 70 plus Luvs size 1 diapers, 3 baby washcloths, 1 blue pacifier, 1 duck embellishment, 1 Johnson and Johnson baby travel kit, a white bath loofah, and cute and silk blue and yellow wired ribbon. Cake will be shipped in elegant white tulle.

For more details about any of these diaper cakes, just click on the title of the cake.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Tell me which one you like the best!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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My One Year Anniversary Big Giveaway Celebration!

Yes, you heard it correctly!  It's my first year anniversary for my business and I'm am just too excited.  I want to personally invite you to help me celebrate my one year anniversary with my Big Giveaway Celebration on my facebook fan page starting now thru April 9, 2011.  There will be prizes, FREE gifts, surprises, even a chance to pick up your copy of my latest books at a discounted price.  So, sure to stop by and enjoy all the  great fun!

I'll see you there,
LaTersa Blakely

The Ultimate Guide to Motherhood & Mom Entrepreneur

The first 10 mommies can download a copy of my book for $10.00 using coupon code SPR2011. Hurry while supplies last. 

The Ultimate Guide To Motherhood and Mom Entrepreneur was birthed to help all the new moms and possibly older moms to help them transition themselves between the two.  In this e-guide, you will find steps on what you should do when you find out that you are pregnant,  how to juggle all of that which comes with motherhood to becoming a mom entrepreneur. See what others have said about my book below:

Tamyka Washington said:
"Being a mommy six times, you shared every
tip a new mom could possibly need. I like the way you were so personable and
it made me feel like we were sitting in your living room talking about motherhood!
You shared so much useful information, even the stuff that most new moms don't
think about...like the type of breast pump to choose and considering what bottle
nipple to use when still breastfeeding. 
I think you offered great information and tips, plus really
connected with moms...I was so involved with your stories about Ishmael
and Sarah I feel like I know them...lol"

Shiketa Morgan said:
"I love the photo on the front of the Book. This is a great book for expecting moms; loaded with information on what to expect during pregnacy. The book also includes great safety tips. Your Bio was also amazing at the end of the book. I love how you included your story. Great job inserting photos toward the end of the book. it brings your book to life."

Nadia Pluckett said:
"Hey, LaTersa, I read your book and I am very proud of you! I love it, I love it. Your book was very easy to read and have awesome points! When I read something, i like to feel a connection with the author and I can truly say I felt that connection! Any new mompreneur would enjoy your books! The pregnancy guide was excellent, it was like a book I read during one of my pregnancies called the "girlfriends guide to pregnancy.." I felt like I was sitting in my couch talking to my girlfriend about how to get through this thing called pregnancy :-)"

Benefits of purchasing this book
  • Tips on how to deliver a healthy baby
  • Give you tips on  how to baby proof your home
  • Give you step by step instructions on how to become a mom entrepreneur
  • Saves you money and time

So, for all of you who have questions about starting a business to stay home with your children, this books give you tips and simple instructions on how to get started.  But, I don't stop there, I also give you real life examples on how I juggle motherhood and mom entrepreneurship.  This is a book that you will definitely want to add to your collection. Are you ready to become a mom entrepreneur?

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely