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5 Ways to Baby-Proof Your Home!

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Are you having a baby soon?  Have you already had the baby and are in the process of being discharged.  Well, I know you probably have a lot of anxiety going on in your head.  Is my house ready for my little bundle of joy, is the nursery's paint job completed.  All of these questions, well, I'm here to help you baby-proof your home. I found some great tips today from ivillage and to view the entire list, click here!

Tip #1: Crawl around on the floor just like a baby would do , to get the fill of and see up close of anything that could potentially cause harm to the little one.  I know this may sound crazy, but it is needed in order to see things from a baby's point of view.  Anything that is big enough for baby to put in his/her mouth needs to be picked up immediately!

Tip#2: Cover all electrical sockets with the plastic plugs, or you can get the childproof socket covers.  This one is so important because once your baby starts to crawl and become curious, the sockets are one of the first places they start to tamper with.  I know with my own babies, they always want to test the waters by trying to play with it, but I would tap those little fingers.

Tip#3: Don't leave your baby alone in the bath tub.  Babies can easily drown in about an inch of water.  So wash your baby up and take them out of the tub.

Tip#4: Place latches on doors where children should not be. This will keep your baby from ending up in areas of the house where they could have a fall or a really bad accident.  You can get these latches or childproof door closures from your local Wal-marts, or Targets.

Tip#5: Separate your old children's toys from the baby's toys.  The baby should not be able to grab the other toys because the baby could choke on one of them, or stick himself in the eye.

I hope these few tips will get you started on the right foot of making your home a baby-proof one and will allow you to maintain it.  Best wishes to you and your new bundle of joy!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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