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2011 Featured Successful Women in Business-Trakelia Jimerson

Full Name:  Trakelia Jimerson
Name of your Company:  SnackHealthy
Position: Brand Partner
Website Address:  www.blissfulsnacks.com
Year Founded: 2010
Tell us about yourself and your business: I am a single mother of 2 that was looking for a way to make money and make my family healthier.  I did not want to sell something that just focused on vitamins or juices but something that gave us a variety.  That is when I was introduced to SnackHealthy.  The concept blew me away!  We live in an era now where everybody snacks.  The traditional sit down at the table meals are slowly fading away. 
What inspired you to start a business? My children. I have to lead by example.  If I tell them they can be whatever they want to be and encouraging them to live their dream then I have to do the same thing.
Share one business goal:  I would like every school and sports activity participating in our fundraiser program.  This will help promote healthy eating in the schools as well as in the community.
What would you say contributes to your success?  My passion of wanting my children as well as myself to live a healthier life

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?  Live your passion. Don't ever give up just because you do not succeed the first time. Live is a journey not a destination.
Anything else you want to mention about your business?  I am currently sending out samples to those that would like to try the snacks.  I am also looking for others to join my team and help spread the word and change the way we snack as Americans.

Thanks,  Trakelia Jimerson Brand Partner 317-721-7849 trakelia.jimerson@yahoo.com
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