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Why Diaper Cakes Rock!

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are becoming more popular and people are starting to ask what's all the fuss about diaper cakes and why do they rock.  I'm here to share a few reasons why diaper cakes rocks.

1) Diaper Cakes are memorable!  What is your typical gift at most baby showers? Baby clothes, and clothes, and more clothes.  Most people bring clothes because its more feasible for your pockets, some people just don't know what to bring the new mom at the shower, or simply because it was something they know every parent needs besides diapers.  Well, when you are thinking of getting a gift for a baby shower, you want to think outside the box and try to get her something that she will be able to cherish and speak about for decades to come.  Most babies grow out of infant size clothes within the first month or even weeks, depending on what size the baby was at birth.  Now, on the other hand, when someone brings a diaper cake to the shower, that really start the conversation.  Does this sound familiar? "WOW, this is so creative or my all time favorite; "Now this is too cute, I'm not taking it down.

2) Diaper Cakes serves many purposes! Diaper Cakes can be used as a centerpiece at the baby shower. You can put it at the main table and little baby shower favors around it.  I guarantee you that it will surely be the talk of the town.  Also, after the baby shower, while waiting on the bundle of joy, you can set it in the nursery for decoration. 

3) All parents need diapers and they are unique! Now diapers are something the new parent will need tons and tons of.  A newborn go through so many diapers that it is hard to keep count.  Babies are changed at least 7-8 times a day on average.  Well, keep in mind, if there are twins then that number doubles.  Instead of bringing a boring box of diapers, be creative and bring her a diaper cake.  

I really hope this answers some of your questions about why you should purchase a diaper cake.. If you want to bring a diaper cake to your next baby shower, I would be glad to design a diaper cake for you.  Check out my website for more creative designs at http://www.diapercakesbylatersa.com.

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