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Things a Mother of Twins Need To Know!

Having a baby soon?  Do you know what you are having? Well, this article is for you if you've recently found out that you are having twins.  It can be sometimes overwhelming dealing with the everyday issues of having one baby, but to find out that you are having twins. Now, that's a different story.  You are probably wondering, Lord will I ever get any rest, will I have to purchase two of everything.  Well sit back and relax, because these few tips will help ease your stress levels.

1) Get your little darlings on the same schedule.  I mean when you change one baby, make sure you change the other baby.  If one gets hungry and you give him/her a bottle; wake up the other sibling and give him/her a bottle too.  You will be glad you did.  Now at first, it may seem like its not working but rest assured, stick with it.  I know just from having one baby at a time, there needs to be a system in play to keep you from going insane.

2) Don't get two of everything.  When you think of having twins, the first thought that comes to mind, is will I need two baby cribs, two changing stations, two baby bags, and etc.  Well, the answer is simply no, you can use the same crib for the first couple of months because the babies are tiny.  Now, when they start to get older, then you will have to readjust the sleeping space.  But, as far as the changing stations, play areas, baby bags, you can share those items. Things like, comforters, sheets, washcloths, you will want to double up on these items because you have two baby bottoms to clean.

3) Going through Potty training can be great.  When you are potty training one baby, it can be sort of frustrating when they seem to not grasp the concept of using a potty.  But, when you have twins, they have someone to go through it with.  When they reach the terrible twos, they go through it with their twin; whereas a single baby have to go it alone.  They will always have a playmate and this can be a great thing for the mom because they can keep each other company.

4) Take advantage of store discounts.  For many of you, you probably are aware Babies R Us, they tend to give mothers of twins discount on diapers and other merchandise.  Check out Evenflo, Gerber, and Johnson and Johnson because they offer discounts as well.

5) Twin mothers have different stroller needs.  Yes, that's correct! In this situation, you got to choose which stroller works for you and your little people. I would recommend talking to other twin mothers and get their advice on what they chose.  But, as I've stated earlier, you got to make the final decision.  I would also suggest thinking about what type of life style you and your family has.  You may like to go jogging on a regular basis, so that would require you getting a jogging stroller. Some moms might like the side by side model so they can keep a close eye on the little ones.  Check around before you purchase one.

I really hope this will give you a few more answers to your questions and that it will allow you to make the best decisions for you.

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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