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Breastfeeding and its benefits!

(baby nursing from mommy's breast)

Did you know that breastfeeding your baby is on the rise now a days!  Well, I wanted to share with you some benefits of breastfeeding for you and baby.  Now, I have a confession to make: I did not breast feed my first child because I just could not get the hang of it for nothing in this world.  I bought a breast pump and it hurt like crazy, not to mention my son pulling my breast in every direction but the right one.  I nursed my son for about two weeks and I threw in my towel!   Now, looking back on it, I wish I had stuck with it because there came my second child, and Boy, breastfeeding her was second nature.  She came into this world trying to eat every and anything that got close to her mouth.  I mean, the nurse came in and put Sarah up against my breast and she was the happiest little baby girl in the world.  It was so much joy and fun nursing her! We would do little songs while feeding her and we really did bond.  I enjoyed it so much that I nursed her for approximately 10 months....  I guess you're wondering when is she going to give me the benefits of breastfeeding:

1) Its healthier for you and baby.  Breast milk has more nutrition in it that only the mother can provide.  Now, again the mother has to eat right because everything she eat is making up in the milk.

2) You and baby can bond.  This will be a chance for you to learn your baby character and how he/she responds to your voice.  I mean I could go on and on about the joys my daughter and I had while I was nursing her.

3) It saves you money.  While other mothers will have to spend money on buying formula and bottles, you won't have that problem.  You can feed your baby without having to go fix a bottle or open a can of formula. Now that's heaven when your baby starts to cry or get hungry and all you have to do is turn over and give him/her your own milk.

I hope this helps you keep the stress level down when deciding to breast feed your bundle of joy.  Let me know if I can be of more assistance to you. Best wishes to you and your family this year!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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