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Mommy My Tooth Came Out!

(my son just lost his first tooth)

Hello everyone, not going to keep you long, but I just had to share this with you.  For the last month or so, my son, Ishmael's bottom tooth has been loosen.  Everyday, he comes home from school, and say "mommy, mommy, look my tooth is going to come out; I can't eat any more carrots because they going to make my tooth to come out". Now, those are his exact words and sure enough, today, he was crying and saying mommy have a lot of blood in my mouth.  Me being the mother that I am, I wanted to hurry up and make the pain go away, but I held back and just let good old nature take its course.  About a hour later, he came running up the stairs, and said very loud: "MOMMY, MY TOOTH JUST DISAPPEARED".  I'm saying like baby, where is your tooth, and his response, it just disappeared.  Boy, I tell you, kids say the darnest things.  But he's all excited because he's becoming a big boy and he's going to be big like his daddy.  Well, besides, from all the tooth fairy stories and when his tooth is going to come out; he's been really talking about his birthday which is on the 19th.  He ask me everyday, now mommy can we go to the bakery to get my Toy Story Cupcakes for my birthday.  My birthday is going to be last morning!  I'll let you know how his birthday turns out, for now be blessed and have a great week!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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