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Featured 2011 Successful Business Women--Marcy Fraley

Marcy L. Fraley

Company name: 
"DIVA" Style Threadz,



Founded in: 

Tell Us About Yourself and Your business.
I have always been into fashion since i was a young girl, i always liked to put outfits together to see what look i could create, to me fashion is not just about clothing it is about a style, a creation, what you feel & how you can mix and match colors and prints together and come up with a great look. Diva Style Threadz is a resale/consignment store offering Brand New and Very Gently used clothing at affordable prices and offering GREAT customer service, we also collaborate with other local vendors to show their talents and skills, while also giving back to the community.

What inspired You to start a business: I always liked to work in the clothing retail business i had recently worked for Macy's as a merchandising associate where i was able to do some of the visual displays (which i loved) i then got promoted to Merchandise manager i was tired of people not appreciating my GOD given talent and what i bring to the table as far as fashion goes, i just really wanted to work for myself but never dream of owning a store but through prayer and the vision that GOD gave me i just started making moves to do what GOD told me to do.

Share one Business Goal: To become a household name. My success is built on nothing less than Prayer, hard work and believing in myself to do the impossible.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?
 Follow your dreams, NEVER give up and no matter what it looks like stay focused.

Anything else you want to mention about your business?
Yes go check out the website we have some Great buys, tell me what you think!

"DIVA" Style Threadz - Pittsburgh, PA. LOOK like a "DIVA" for LESS!

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