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Featured 2011 Successful Business Women-Margo Poole

Full Name:
Margo Beverly Poole

Name of your Company:
Off Da Wire Jewelry Designs, Inc.


Website Address:

Year Founded:

Tell us about yourself and your business:
Lives in the Midwest, located in Aurora, IL;   My greatest role is being a single mother of 3 beautiful teen daughters.  I love fashion and art.   I possess a Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL) and my undergraduate degree is in Business Management (B.S.) Off Da Wire Jewelry Designs, Inc.  Is a manifestation of my diva, creative spirit, and the passion for art. All pieces are handmade, one-of-kind.  There are no duplicate creations.   I specialize in large, chunky, and statement sized jewelry.  I love big, bold, stones; bright colors, and full designs.  I create and design my own polymer-clay beads for some projects. I am new to the jewelry making community, but I try to learn one new technique a month. 

What inspired you to start a business?
I have held positions in corporate America, halls of higher education, and even the retail sector, but by far my greatest passion has been the entrepreneurial spirit.   I have embarked on various ventures event planning, consignment sales, and consultation services.   I am a creative soul by nature.  I enjoy designing unique items that allows each person to possess something no one else has;  and to be able to share that with others and make a little money for it is like a dream come true.

Share one business goal:
My foremost goal in business is to provide a unique, beautiful product with the best customer service possible; to make my customers more than happy, but ecstatic; and ready to refer my business in a heartbeat. 

What would you say contributes to your success?
I contribute the success of my business to the principle of “walking by faith” and not by sight.   By putting faith in my ability to succeed and knowing this faith is based not on my own human limited abilities, but that of my spiritual foundation.  I know I will succeed.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?
The best advice I can give to aspiring entrepreneurs, is to jump in and DO IT!  If you have a gift, share it.  Learn as you go.  Do not be afraid to fail, or to succeed.  One of may favorite quotes is :  “A big shot is a little shot, who just kept shooting.” –Anonymous

Off Da Wire Jewelry Designs, Inc
Location:  Aurora, IL
Phone:  331-262-5778

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