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Do You Think Free Stuff For Your Business Is Good!

Do you think receiving free stuff is good for your business?  Well, I want to share with you a few tips on why getting things free may not always be best for you.  When I first started my business, I need a good website. I went with Vistaprint because it was very cheap and I needed a website to show case my diaper cakes.  Well, little did I know, you don't have any rights to your website, and you have to do a lot of coding and sale listing manually.  When It came time for me to check google analytics on my site, they told me I didn't have any rights. I mean don't get me wrong, at the early stages of your business, it could serve its purpose, but eventually, as your business starts to grows, you will have to purchase a website through some other company.  But on the other side of this, Vistaprint is a great company for get printing materials, such as business cards, flyers, banners, and etc.  I have been getting my marketing material from them for years! By December, 2010, I had my an Aha moment, and I then realized that something had to give. Either I was going to keep getting frustrated with the limitations that I had with my current website, or I was going to get another website designer and hosting company. 

2) Article writing:  What do I mean by this, if you are in business, sometimes, you might need someone to edit your work and check for grammatical errors.  Well, this one I had to learn the hard way, allowing others to proofread your work for free can sometimes be a headache.  Remember, when someone is doing something for free, they can take their sweet time.  See, from their stand point, they are doing you a favor!  I would recommend that you invest in yourself and your business. Pay a professional to edit your work for you and Jamie at Mocha Writer has excellent services and very affordable prices.  Even if you have to go without a manicure for a couple of times, in the end, you will be glad you did.  Now, when it comes to a great and affordable website, I would recommend LaTreeka Williams at Diva-Designz

I hope this helps you when you are deciding on going with a priced option versus a free option.  Best wishes to you and your business and you have a million dollar day!

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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