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What inspires me to make diaper cakes!

I wanted to let all of my followers know what inspires me to make a diaper cake.  Well, there are three simple facts.  I love making diaper cakes that WOW the recipient, enjoy creating new looks for my diaper cakes, and my beautiful children.

When I'm making my diaper cakes, I tend to always put myself in the new mom's shoes.  I often ask myself, if I received this diaper cake, would I like it #1, will I be able to use it once its taken apart #2.  It makes no sense for you to receive a gift that you can not use.  This brings me to my next thought on why I do not use store brand diapers.  First, I have two babies myself and I tried the Wal-mart brand, and they are terrible.  My kids could only pee in them one time and the diaper is very soiled and little balls of diapers would be left on my babies bottom.  For my daughter, I just started out using baby swaddlers and Luvs.  They did not disappoint me.  Every time I'm creating a diaper cake, I get so excited and I have all my ribbon and different blankets all out on the table to see what cute theme for my cake will I come up with this time.

I love hearing my customers say, WOW, WOW, I have seen so many diaper cakes in my lifetime, but yours, look so edible and its so different.  "You seem to really have an eye for details", now that's my favorite one.  There have been many instances when I designing one of my diaper cakes and get all the way towards the finish line and take it apart. If it does not look a certain way and I can't say WOW, then there's more work to be done.  I love giving it my 100% best in whatever I'm doing in my life, whether it be making diaper cakes, play with my kids or being with my husband.

Finally, the last thing that inspires me to design and make diaper cakes are my two beautiful children.  Every time, I'm able to send them off to school and be home when they come home, that makes my work even more worth while.  Or when I'm making a cake, my daughter says "mommy, mommy, I want to help you".  She goes with me to the store to help me pick out stuffed animals, kids fabric.  The time that I share with my children are priceless and when I was growing up, nothing or nobody came before my mother's children (all five of us).  These tender moments with my children are once in a life time.  I still can hear my mother's voice as she would say "while you young, you're on mommy's lap, but when you're older, you're on mommy's heart.  I enjoy being able to be home with my children and help them with homework and help mold them in the right way.  So, I want to send a warm heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my customers and future customers, fans, and followers for making it possible to stay home with my children and do what I love and enjoy doing.

Best regards,

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