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Things that Bring Joy to my Life

Being in a positive and joyful frame of mind is completely up to you.  You should never allow something or someone to steal your joy!  I always say when you smile the world will smile right back at you; but on the other hand, if you frown then the world will frown back at you. I want to share with you a few things that bring me joy on a regular basis!

1) My relationship with God. Every morning that I wake up and get started with my shower; that is me and God's time to share talk and just give thanks to him for allowing me to see another day!  I enjoy those few minutes alone with him, because with two growing toddlers, its hard for me to be all about him and play with them and meet their every little need at the same time.

2) My relationship with my family. I enjoy waking up to my soul mate every day and just spending time when him.  I enjoy spending time with our beautiful kids. It brings so much joy to my heart that I can share my space with God's greatest gift to me. I love reading to them and of course hearing them read mommy a story. Its hillarious watching my children read me a book. They have such big imaginations.  I also enjoy and love eating meals togethe and watching movies. I could go on and on about the joy of family!!!!!!!!!!

3) It definitely brings so much JOY to my heart doing what I love. I love making diaper cakes, towel cakes, and gift baskets. It brings much joy to me when my customers are so excited and thrilled about my gifts.  I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night just to decorate a diaper cake. I have to do it while the design is fresh in my mind.

4) Lastly, I enjoy waking up in my right mind and with my health and strength. I might not exercise like I should but I really love being able to do things for myself and not have some sort of disability.

I really hope this inspires you to be thankful and joyous doing this holiday season. Please do not complain about things that you wish you had or don't have. Be thankful and joyful about the things that you do have. Life is too short to live in the don't haves, should haves. Take the time out to do something nice for someone else. Please share this link with everyone you know
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LaTersa Blakely
Owner, Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond by LaTersa

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