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Top baby shower themes for little boys!

Getting ready or planning for a baby shower can be a lot of work. But, also it can be very exciting as well.  Once you find out what the sex of the baby is, this should make your planning go a lot smoother.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose a baby shower theme.  Choosing a baby shower theme is very fun. So, you want to create a baby shower theme for little boys.  Here are the top couple of themes for a little boy.

1) Safari themes for little boys.  This theme seems to very popular within the baby nursery themes this year.  Now with Safari themed baby showers. There are so many cool things that you can do with it.  Now it includes lions, zebras, monkeys and just about any animal that you would find in jungle or zoo. One thing that you can add to your to do list about great centerpieces for your baby shower is a Safari Diaper Cake.

Secondly, you can go with a puppy dog theme. With this theme, you can have several dogs with the color blue surrounding it.  You can always use the color blue because blue is the color that separates the girls from the boys.  For your centerpiece at the baby shower, you can design a Navy Blue and Puppy Dog Diaper Cake.  Puppy dogs just really speaks masculine to people when you see little boys.

Lastly, for every little boy, most baby showers always, always have a sports theme. When you think of a little boy, you think of playing basketball, football, and even hockey.  You can use any kind of borders for your nursery theme using footballs, baseballs, basketballs, and even use NFL themed diaper cakes.
If you want to get your diaper cakes designed with your favorite NFL theme, that always makes a great gift for the new mom featuring her favorite Football, Basketball, or Hockey team. With this theme, you can get baby onsies in your favorite team, baby bottles, and pacifiers.  Most of your local Wal-marts carry these items. But, now it depends on where you live and what your hometown team is.

I really hope this has helped you and made you have a clearer picture of planning a baby shower for little boys. Now, this is not limited to just these themes, but you can use cars, planes, trucks, and boats as well. I mean when you think of little boys, most of them love to explore the nature and play outside with one of the above items.  Enjoy and have fun planning your baby shower for little boys.

LaTersa Blakely
Owner, Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond by LaTersa

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