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Are You Ready For The Baby To Come!

 New Adorable Diaper Baby!

Are you or someone you know pregnant?  Are your anxiety levels gone through the roof. I bet you've already decorated the nursery with your favorite themes and colors.  If your were anything like me, everything is already color coded, furniture in its rightful place, BUT, the only thing missing is the baby.  I can't wait for the new bundle of joy to arrive.  Well, I have just the right baby gift for you to help you stay calm and focused until your big day. Introducing the next best thing: A Diaper Baby. This little adorable baby comes fully loaded. This baby can sit in the baby crib until the REAL baby comes home. But, don't despair, once the baby is taken apart, everything is 100% USABLE.

25-30 luvs diapers size 1
1 Gerber sleeper (0-6 mos)
1 Baby hat
1 pacifier
1 Receiving Blanket

Price: $30.00

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  1. Cloth diapers can be much less expensive than disposables, especially if you wash them yourself.