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Top Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

I wanted to share with all you expecting moms of some healthy foods you should add to your diet. According to Allison Tannis, the co-author of The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy, the following are some of the best foods out there.

1. Almonds are filled with with calcium, protein, fiber and magnesium and a handful can stave off midday hunger.
2. Apricots are a good source of iron and fiber in your morning oatmeal, in granola or eaten by the handful.
3. Brewer's Yeast, sprinkled on popcorn, is full of B vitamins for energy.
4. Ginger is a great anti-nausea food you can sip in teas or add to stir fries. For a treat, try nibbling on small amounts of candied ginger.
5. Kiwi is high in vitamin C and is delicious when added to a fruit salad or sliced and eaten along with any meal.
6. Popcorn helps fight nausea. Making your own popcorn, as opposed to microwave packages, lets you control the amount of butter and salt.
7. Salmon is a terrific source of omega 3s, is low in calories and is a source of protein that is critical to the baby's development.
8. Spinach and other dark leafy greens are packed with nutrients and a good source of fiber.
9. Water and ice are crucial to staying hydrated during pregnancy. There's no need to drink extra calories in sports drinks and calorie-loaded treats from your coffee place. Water quenches thirst and can fill you up before a meal.
10. Wheat germ is a source of fiber, minerals and energizing B vitamins. Sprinkle it on yogurt or cereal, bake it into muffins or use it in place of breadcrumbs when coating fish or making meatballs.

Best wishes,
laTersa Blakely

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