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2011 Featured Women in Business--Melinda Bodden

Full Name: Melinda Bodden
Name of your Company: My Jewelry Shoppe
Position: Owner
Year Founded: 2010
Tell us about yourself and your business:
I make and sell one of a kind (OOAK) Handcrafted Jewelry.
I live in Arverne, New York.
I’m a single mom of one son in College.
I've recently turned my hobby for collecting Beads into a business.
What inspired you to start a business?
·         My love of collecting beautiful Beads.
Share one business goal:
To share my One of a Kind Bracelet’s with as many Jewelry lover’s as I can.
What would you say contributes to your success?
People can see that my design’s are Original and that I march to the beat of my own drum.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?
Be true to yourself and do your own thing.
Anything else you want to mention about your business?
My website address is:

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