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How To Start A Diaper Cake Business

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Do you love diaper cakes? Are you the creative type.  You like doing things yourself! Well, if you are like so many other moms out their with young children, then you might want to consider starting your very own diaper cakes business!  Today, I want to share with you my new release of How To Start A Diaper Cakes Business.  See what others have said about my book:

Kathy W- Philadelphia, PA said:
"For anyone interested in starting a Diaper Cake Home Business and you have
questions about how to go about it...You HAVE to get LaTersa's Ebook "How to
Start a Diaper Cake Business" It's an easy read and filled with a lot of
helpful information that will help reach your dream of starting an easy
business. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Go for it!!! Thank you
LaTersa for putting together this ebook and sharing it with many people.
Wishing you continued success!!!"

Nadia Plunkett said:
"I read the books and I am very proud of you! I love them, I love them. They were very easy to read and have awesome points! When I read something i like to feel a connection with the author and I can truly say I felt that connection!  All in all another great winner! 2 thumbs up! and I can't wait for the next publication!"

Tanja Clark said:
 "It feel so good to finally find a book that answered all of my questions.  I love making diaper cakes, but I have been skeptical about starting my own business because I didn't have all the proper steps of doing so, But thanks to LaTersa for reading my mind and creating such a wonderful book.  Kudos LaTersa"

Benefits of Starting A Diaper Cakes Business!
1) You can use diapers leftover from your infant!  If you have a baby and you don't necessary use all the diapers, this would be a great way to make use of them.  Diapers can be a bit expensive, so you don't want to waste your money!

2) You can stay home to raise your children!  Sometimes, it can be very tough going back to work after having kids, so this will be a way to make extra money and do what you love to do!

3) Be active in your child's life! There are great benefits to being at home with your children! You can get involved in the school's activity.  I know for myself, I'm am one of those moms, who are always attending my children's school to check up on them.  If my son's teacher need something cut out or made, they always call on me.  For example, I made marshmallow hats for my son's christmas play.  They looked so cute  in them.

(me,my hubby, and our son after his christmas play)

So, if your are ready to start your very own diaper cakes business, then you will want to purchase my latest e-book guide on how to start your very own diaper cakes business.  You will have a better understanding of how to price your diaper cakes, when and where to get your licenses and tax documents, and etc.  I want to hear from you with your thoughts about my book.

Warm Regards,
LaTersa Blakely

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  1. Great Information. Thanks. I am looking to start my own diaper cake business along with my current business that I have.