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Foods to avoid when pregnant!

Calling all my expectant mothers!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to share with you some foods that you should avoid when you are pregnant.  I know you are probably saying, here we go again.  I shouldn't do this or I shouldn't eat this or that.  I want to save you a few headaches that I had during my pregnancy.  I was a little hard headed at the beginning.  I still wanted to try to slip in a soda every now and again.  "Bad mistake".  My baby had me up all night long.  It felt as if I had given him a one way past to my bladder and my chest.  I had heartburn on top of heartburn. He was so active, that he literally thought he was the next Michael Jordan.  He's was playing alley hoop on my bladder.  But, enough of my stories, here are a list of foods you should avoid:

1) Deli meats
2) Fish with mercury
3) Smoked seafoods
4) Raw eggs
5) Raw shellfish
6) Unpasterized milk
7) Soft cheeses

For a completed list of more foods to avoid, click here!

Best wishes on your bundle of joy!
LaTersa Blakely

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