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Baby Care Part 4: Feeding baby with bottle

This is the second option you can choose to feed your baby.  Not every mom will choose to breast feed, so she will opt to feed baby with a bottle.  Below is a great article I found on feeding an infant with a bottle.

Step #1
Get prepared. Have the bottle of breast milk or formula at the exact temperature your baby prefers.  Most of the time, room temperature will work perfectly. Please do not microwave bottles, as this will cause hot spots that can burn your baby.

Step # 2
Get a correct grip. Hold the baby on your lap with baby's head in the middle part of your arm.  Be sure to secure baby's head from falling back. Be sure to switch sides, as you would with breastfeeding to provide them with adequate stimulation of both sides of the brain.  For more tips, you can read the entire article--Click here.

Have fun getting to bond with your baby,

LaTersa Blakely

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