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Baby Care Part 3: How to feed a baby

Feeding baby!

Now this one is one of those things where you have to pay close attention to your baby. There are two types of ways to feed a baby, either by breast or by bottle. So, I will just dive right in and let you know how to go about feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding your baby. This one is not for everybody and don't feel bad if you decide that this is not for you. But, I will tell you this, "it will save you a lot of money". On the other side, the cons are you will not be able to let others help you because you're breastfeeding.

Step #1
Choose a position. You have several options as to how you want to nurse your baby. You can choose to sit down or lay down. I would recommend choosing a position that gives you the most comfortable feeling and one that is giving your baby the best supply of milk. Now, you can choose to lay in bed and hold your baby in the football cradle position or you can simply just lay your baby down next you or hold them in your arms. Now, this may vary with each child.
This allows you to hold the baby with one hand and use the other to support or move your breast. I know when I nursed my daughter, I was most comfortable with the cradle position and she seemed to enjoyed that position as well.

Step #2
Get extra support.  It don't matter which position you choose, in most cases, you will need an extra lift.  You can grab an extra pillow and place under your arm while holding the baby.  If you need help with getting set up, just ask for it.  The worst thing you can do is know that you don't quite understand it, but refuse to get help.

Step# 3
Baby placement.  This is one of the most important steps to breastfeeding. You want to make sure that the baby latches on correctly.  All this comes in to play with finding a great position for the baby.  Your baby should be belly to belly with his chin to your breast.  If for some reason your baby is moving his head, you want to position baby's head back to right position. This can make it very difficult for baby to get a good amount of milk flow.  Also, too much of the baby pulling and twisting can make your breast very tender and sore.

Latching.  This one is very important as well.  You want to help make sure your baby is getting a great supply of milk by squeezing your breast with one hand. This will allow you to kind of help baby get more milk. You will want to make sure baby's entire mouth covers the areola tissue also known as the darker portion of the breast.

Now, you have just nursed your baby. Have fun bonding with your new bundle of joy!

Warm Wishes,
LaTersa Blakely

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