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Planning A Baby Shower Soon!

Are you or someone you know planning a baby shower in the near future.  Well here's a few more tips to help you plan the baby shower of the new mom's dreams.  Baby showers are one of those types of  party that everyone will attend at least once in their life time.  This event is a special one for the new mommy. This is where family and friends get together and bring gifts and great food to help celebrate the new bundle of joy's arrival.

First things first, you want to contact the new mom to find out what is her ideal baby shower and what she expect to gain from her baby shower.  This is where you will ask the new mommy whether or not there's a particular nursery theme she has in mind.  What are the colors she plan to use in the baby's room.  Make sure to gather all of the information that you need in order for this to be a smooth transition.

Next, consult all family members and friends on the guest list. You want to schedule the shower during the weekend so that any and all out of town guest will be able to attend.  Always make sure you consult with the new mom to see who she does and does want to attend her shower.  Once you have the names and list of people attending. This is great time to send out invitations. I would suggest you send the baby shower invitations out two months in advance, so everyone can make plans to take off or travel arrangements.

This should be a fun and special event for your guest and the new mom.  Plan your menu accordingly.  The best types of food for a baby shower would be things like chips and dip, finger foods, and fruits (Lots of fruits). You want to always keep in mind that the new mom do not need to or want to get sick at her own shower, so PLEASE keep all hot and spicy foods away.

If you really want to have fun, brings some games for everyone to enjoy.  I know for my baby shower, one of my favorite games was when everyone pull a lot of tissue from the roll so that they can guess how big my stomach was.  Another cool game would be saying words that go with the words baby shower. For example, someone would say baby shower, then another person would say, diapers, and etc.  If you need anymore suggestions or game ideas, just leave me a comment, and I will surely get back with you as soon as possible.

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