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Great Tips on how to use vaseline.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to stop by today to see how you are doing and to give you some great tips on how you can use vaseline.  I can remember growing up as a little girl in the rural south of how my mother always used vaseline for everything. I mean everytime we were out of something or just needed something for one our many boo boos that we got on a daily basis.  My mama would always say, baby just one minute let me get some vaseline and it'll be o.k. after while. So, let me share with you the ten things i use vaseline for.

1) Vaseline can be used as lotion. I remember when I was a little girl, if we ran out of lotion, we would always substitute it with a little dab of vaseline.  I mean you might be oil and shiny for a minute, but I guarantee you would not be ASHY.  To be honest with you, sometimes, I still use vaseline instead of lotion because it just seems to hold the moisture better.

2) Vaseline is used as hair oil. When you don't have any more hair grease or any moisturizer, vaseline always comes in handy.  But, because I have chemical in my hair, vaseline by itself is a little too thick for my hair.

3) Vaseline can be used as chapstick or lip gloss.  Vaseline will help keep your lips from cracking and it will give you that shinny gloss look that I like when I wear lip stick.

4) Vaseline can be used on a baby's bottom to cure rashes and to keep their skin soft.

5) It can be used to remove make up (especially when I wore mascara). Back then, I didn't know anything about make up remover. All i had was my grandmas and mama with the old school remedies.

6) I use vaseline now when i can't get my ring off my fat fingers sometime, I would rub some vaseline on it to make it slippery.

7) It can be used as pressing oil for your hair. When i was a little girl, with all the thick hair i had, vaseline would take the place of your regular pressing oil if you ran out before finishing.

8) Vaseline can also be used as a base for when you getting ready to get a relaxer. I know this is my all time favorite. Because I tend to burn sometimes, I pack on the vaseline around my edges.

9) I still use vaseline over my eyebrows to give them that finished glowing look once they are freshly arched.

10) Vaseline is also a great tool for arching your eyebrows when you can't get to the salon.

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  1. Thanks for stopping my blog!

    I've been using vaseline on my 10 month's old bum since the day he was born. The hospital where he was born taught us to apply some on his diaper to stop his #2 from sticking to his skin. Hasn't failed yet


  2. Thanks for all the great tips and the follow! I am following you back!