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2011 Featured Women in Business-- Eva Asmar

Full Name: Eva Asmar

Name of your Company: Bionee Organic Certified MaternitySkin Care

Position: Founder

Website Address: www.bionee.com

Year Founded: 2010

Tell us about yourself and your business:
My name is Eva Asmar; I was born in Poland, grew up as a German citizen and graduated from the Sorbonne and the ESSEC Business School in Paris. When I finished school, I felt totally inspired by the French beauty industry, so I quickly established myself as a cosmetics industry leader with posts at Yves Rocher, L’Oreal US and most recently as Global Product Manager at The Body Shop in the UK.  At The Body Shop, I was responsible for over 150 products sold worldwide. It was here that I focused on organic ingredients and rigorous manufacturing processes.
A few years later, I moved to the US with my husband, where he was pursuing an MBA at Wharton School of Business. It was here at Wharton that the concept for Bionée was truly conceived: I was pregnant and unsatisfied with the products available in the maternity market. I knew that there was much more I could offer the world. Thus the seed of Bionée was planted. I decided to use my knowledge to create the products from only the most efficient formulas, green concepts and the safest ingredients.

What inspired you to start a business?
I believe that what inspired me the most was my pregnancy and my experience in product development for international cosmetics companies. Over the years I was managing international and leading natural beauty brands in France, UK and the US. My creativity and sense for beauty care are reflected in the various well-known cosmetics creations on the global market.
I also lived in many countries, and I had different cultural exchanges and observations of women and their beauty habits all over the world and I wanted to combine the best of each culture and develop products that speak to the needs of women as myself.
During my pregnancy living and breathing beauty care, I trusted my idealistic convictions and created Bionée, a brand that incorporates “wonder ingredients” from all over the world fused with certified organic and natural modern science.

Share one business goal:
I would like Bionée to become a destination brand for women who want to share their family life with their professional life. Each woman can become an entrepreneur and raise her kids while working and making a living. This is what I wished for myself and this is what I want to offer all the moms out there. Bionée is becoming a player in the direct selling industry where playdates become opportunities for sharing the knowledge about healthy beauty care and Bionée’s products!

What would you say contributes to your success?
The balance between work and family helped me a lot. The flexible schedule and the fact that I can work from home when my baby is napping, and then enjoyed him really helped me!                       But most importantly I believe that every successful entrepreneur has to be an expert in his/hers domain as well as a good business person. My past experience in the beauty industry was key for the success of Bionée.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?
Go for it! Don’t be afraid of taking risks, be self-confident; follow your passion and convictions! Don’t be afraid of doing something that you love!  At Bionée we say “Become who you are” and do not force yourself into roles imposed by others.
Be sure to know the market you are entering well, inform yourself and evaluate issues that your products may face, be prepared!

Anything else you want to mention about your business?
Bionée Certified Organic Maternity Skin Care, is all I could wish for my baby and myself: safe, efficient and indulgent, supporting fair trade and the environment!

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