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Tips on selling Diaper Cakes

Hello and welcome!

I wanted to stop by today and share with you a few tips on how to sell diaper cakes.  I know you're probably wondering what in the world are diaper cakes. Well, as delicious as it might sound, these little darlings are not edible.  These cakes are made out of diapers and other baby items that the new mommy will need.  First, i want to start with how to make a diaper cake.  Please don't purchase any membership or videos on how to make these diaper cakes because there are tons of free information on the internet.  A few to check out are Youtube, Ehow, Instructables, and Google.  All you have to do is type in how to make diaper cakes and a whole section of listing should come up.  Once, you've mastered how to make the diaper cakes, then its time to decorate them. I would say when decorating your cakes, you want to always use high quality items.  Items including Luvs Diapers, Carter receiving blankets, 100% cotton washcloth, and etc.  Not that you have to use the luv brand diapers, but Luvs, baby swaddlers, and pampers are some of the top best diapers to use on a newborn.  If there's one thing to remember is to always put yourself in the new mommy's shoes.   I would NEVER use anything on my diaper cakes that i wouldn't use on my own two precious kids.  By the way, I have a 4year old son, Ishmael, and a two year old daughter, Sarah. I adore and love them to pieces and I would not want nothing or anyone to harm them in any way.

Now, if you really love making them then why not do what you love and make a little money at the same time.  When you first start to sell diaper cakes, you always want to keep in mind that a lot of people may not know what a diaper cake is. So thats a plus right there, and you need to start getting your name out there. Start with your family and friends; making them for the new bundle of joy that will be arriving. I guarantee that your diaper cake will be the next best thing at the baby shower---right there alongside the new mommy.  Also, you might want to start selling your cakes on sites like Ebay, Etsy, and Bonanzle.  This will help increase the traffic to your business and also help get your name out there.  Now, please keep in mind,  that there are a lot of competition out there, so any little creative thing you can do to set yourself apart from other diaper cake businesses.  Another thing to remember is to always make your products very neat and to not over crowd the cake with so many items that it take away from the diaper cake itself.  Less as possible is always a plus.  When your business start to get a steady income, you want to be able to make your cakes fast and still have them look beautiful.  You will miss out on a lot of business if you can't get your orders out on time.  Below is a picture of one of my most popular cakes: Its the three tier Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake.

And last but not least, please, please, DON'T GIVE UP, if you really have a passion for doing this and it is truly something you enjoy doing, stick with it because it'll pay off in the end.   I sincerely hope this helped you.  If you have any questions, please send me a comment or email me at latersa@diapercakesbylatersa.com and i will surely get back to you.  So Go Ahead and Be The Talk of Your Town.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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