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Fun ways to play outside with your family!

Did you know that September 24, is the official day of play? It's a day set a side to encourage and enlighten families to spend time with their children playing and having fun outdoors.

I can remember as a little girl, I loved going outside to build sand castles, play kickball with my brothers and making mud pies.  I would sit it a deep ditch just muddy and messy, but loving it all at the same time.  I want to share with you some ways that my family and i enjoy playing outdoors.  Now, that i have children of my own, we have created our own little fun in the sun.

1. We love spraying each other with the water gun.  We get about five or six water guns from the dollar tree.  On days that my kids have behaved greatly and completed all their chores.  I grab a chair from the kitchen and fill up the water guns and let the fun began.  We spray each other so much that by the time we go inside, we are soaked.  The kids love it and to be honest with you, it brings out the big kid in me and my hubby as well.

2.  Another one of our fun filled days include going to the local park.  This is where we get on slides and i push my babies on the swings. Sometimes, I pack sack lunches and we have a little family picknic.  We run around that park for  a couple of hours or at least until that get tired.

3. During the summer, we enjoy going to the local festivals. This is where we get a chance to get snow cones, nachos, and other fun snacks.  We play the fun games and just enjoy seeing all the great booths.  The last festival that we attended, they had something like the american idol, so that was fun watching the participants sing their individual songs.

4. Lastly, we like to go jogging.  Well, I actually use that as a way for us to get out the house and get some fresh air.  Now, with my little ones, i can't run too fast, so i slow jog and boy you should see their little legs go.  It's kinda keeps me motivated because they will always remind me, that mommy you didn't go exercise today.  So, they are like my accountability partners.  Also, if it's raining or cold outside, we each run up and down the stairs.

These are just a few of the fun-filled ways my family and I enjoy the goodness of the fresh air.  It gives us a time to bond as a family and share out thoughts about our day.  I'm looking forward to the Clorox2 day of fun! Will you be joining in on all the fun? Find out more information about this at http://clorox2play2day.com/

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