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Ten Tips for planning a unique and successful baby shower

Hello everyone,

Today I will share with you ten tips on planning a unique and successful baby shower.  Baby showers are becoming more and more popular these days!  This is a time in a woman's life, where there's a lot of thought and hard work put into this memorable event. Family and friends of the mother to be gather and exchange gifts for the new little bundle of joy.  The following includes:

1) Gather information about the new mom to be and what her expectations of a baby shower would be.

2) Ask the new mom to give you a list of people she would like to attend the baby shower.

3) Get an estimate of about how many people will be attending the baby shower.

4) Send out invitations about 2-3 months prior to the baby shower. This will allow your guest to put this on their calendars and put in the time off from work if needed, so that they will be able to attend the shower.
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5) Find out the sex of the baby.

6) If you don't know what the sex is, maybe the mother to be have a particular baby shower theme in mind.

7) Plan the menu for the baby shower; I will list a couple of favorite finger foods for baby showers towards the end. Always ask the mom, what she can and cannot eat, because you would not want to make the guest of honor sick at her baby shower.  You want this to be a memorable memory for her.

8) Start gathering decorations for the baby shower, then choose a location to have it and begin decorating the place.

9) Gather a variety of baby shower games that you will be playing.

10) Make sure each guest bring a gift to the baby shower.

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